5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 6 inch Socks 50078, , hi-res


5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 6 inch Socks 50078

Item #: 50078-019-1SZ
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Having a high-performance pair of socks can make a world of difference. They can provide your feet many benefits as well. That’s why the 5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 6 inch Socks (Black)is a superb choice for those in search of socks that do much more than average ones do. These socks combine several high-quality features to truly provide you with several advantages.

The5.11 Tactical 3 Pack 6 inch Socks (Black) are made with multi-polymer fabric. When worn with 5.11 Tactical boots, these socks provide multiple compression zones. In turn, this enhances kinetic absorption and as a result, your speed, momentum and stamina will be much improved. For comfort that is unmatched, these socks include an ultra-cushioning layer to keep your feet feeling good all day. They additionally incorporate moisture wicking technology to help keep your feet both dry and cool in any conditions. Breathability is maximized with a tapered design.

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  • Made from multi-polymer fabric
  • Wear with 5.11 Tactical boots to experience the compression zones
  • Compression zones enhance speed, momentum and stamina
  • Cushioning layer at the soles for the ultimate comfort
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Fast-drying
  • Breathability is provided by the tapered design
  • Comes in pack of three

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