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5ive Star Gear Pyro-Band Firestarter

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Why is it that you can never find your fire starting tools when you need them? The 5ive Star Gear Pyro-Band Firestarter solves that problem and many more. The Pyro-Band Firestarter looks like an ordinary bracelet, but it has a hidden integral ferrocerium rod that also acts as the clasp for the band. This wrist band is made of rubberized tubing and fits most wrists up to 10 inches. The tube can be cut to any size for a better fit. The Pyro-Band Firestarter allows you to have the ability to start a fire when you need it without attracting unwanted attention. This band is useful for covert or undercover operations in military or law enforcement situations. It is also a handy tool for camping and backpacking.

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  • Ferrocerium rod that fits inside wristband end, acting as clasp
  • 10 inch rubberized tube wrist bracelet
  • Can be cut to fit any size wrist
  • Provides ability to start fire in concealed design
  • Made in the USA.

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