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Army Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook 6th Ed.

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As the only domestic publisher that exclusively produces military and federal agency recognized doctrinally based reference books, The Lightning Press brings an authoritative perspective to U.S. Army Operations and Planning. The Army Operations & Doctrine SMARTbook, 6th Ed. is the most recent update to the standard operations manual carried on U.S. Army bases across the world.

Author Norman M. Wade, a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army, discusses the numerous actions the U.S. Army can employ to consolidate gains, prevent conflict, shape security environments, and prevail in ground combat. With the expertise only a servicemember can attain, Wade presents updated tactics on engaging in large-scale ground combat against a peer threat, the use of decisive action in multidomain battles, and converting potential into effective action to generate combat power.

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  • Topics and References:
    • Operations (ADP 3-0)
    • Large-Scale Combat Operations (FM 3-0 w/Chg 1)
    • Command and Control (ADP 6-0)
    • Movement and Maneuver (ADPs 3-90, 3-07, 3-28, 3-05)
    • Intelligence (ADP 2-0)
    • Fires (ADP 3-19)
    • Sustainment (ADP 4-0)
    • Protection (ADP 3-37)
  • Details:
    • Author: Norman M. Wade
    • ISBN 10: 1935886746
    • ISBN 13: 978-1-935886-74-7
    • Publisher: The Lightning Press
    • Date: Base AODS6 released 1 Nov 18 (New AODS6-1 w/SMARTupdate 1 released 12 Aug 20.)
    • Edition: 6th
    • Number of Pages: 400

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