Blackhawk Tactical Entry Backpack Kit - B, , hi-res



Blackhawk Tactical Entry Backpack Kit - B

Item #: DE-TBK-B
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Throughout the world, military and law enforcement officers rely on high-quality backpacks to carry any tools they might need on a mission. The Blackhawk Tactical Entry Black Backpack Kit has become standard for numerous agencies that need the best tools available. This pack comes with a Special Operations Breacher, Manual Entry Tool Pack, BoltMaster Bolt Cutter and Thundermaul. These items are all you need in order to carry out any tactical breaching mission, so do not get caught without them.

All the above mentioned items included in the Tactical Entry Backpack Kit feature a completely renovated stainless steel wedge that includes counter-angled friction ridges. These ridges provide you with much needed stability while you are trying to get through a sturdy entryway. All tools also come equipped with an electrically non-conductive handle system that is able to resist currents up to 100,000 volts AC. The handgrips come with a safety-guard to eliminate the possibility of slipping your hands on the device. All these features work together to provide you with a reliable breaching system that keeps you safe and gets the job done right.

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  • Manual Entry Tool Pack
  • Special Operations Breacher
  • Thundermaul
  • BoltMaster Bolt Cutter

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