2 Monkey Trading

"Like most great ideas, it started with a beer. Our flagship product was the original Bullet Bottle Opener, crafted from the casing of a .50 caliber machine gun round. When demand for it skyrocketed, we ran with the idea, dreaming up a full line of products up-cycled from repurposed ammo and artillery shells." We didneep on hand while on the job. Items such as pocket pads, Leatherman tools, backpacks, and watches can all be used as tactical gifts for your favorite soldier. Tactical gifts are perfect presents in that they not only demonstrate your acknowledgement of his or her service, but that they will turn around and provide an important use for that service. Many of these items act as tools that can be used on the job and which are constructed to be long-lasting and durable. Gift-giving is an easy event when it comes to tactical gifts. These items are ideal solutions for giving someone something that will not only last but will also be something that they treasure having in the line of duty.

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  • 2 Monkey 30-06 Bullet Pocket Pen

  • 2 Monkey .308 Cal Bullet Hat Clip

  • 2 Monkey .308 Cal Bottle Opener Keychain

  • 2 Monkey .50 Cal BMG Bullet Bottle Opener

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