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BenShot creates unique military gifts that the soldier or munitions enthusiast in your life is sure to enjoy. Founded by a father and son team in Wisconsin, BenShot creates one-of-a-kind drinking glassware, incorporating discarded bullets and other pieces of ammunition into their designs. BenShot wine glasses, shot glasses, pints, and other distinctive products make a handsome, intriguing addition to any glassware collection. For military gifts that will wow their recipient, check out the BenShot products available below.

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  • BenShot 'Merica Laser Etched "Bulletproof" 11oz Rocks Glass

  • BenShot "Bulletproof" Shot glass

  • BenShot "Bulletproof" 11oz Rocks Glass

  • BenShot "Bulletproof" 15oz Wine Glass

  • BenShot 'Merica Etch Bulletproof Shot glass

  • Ben Shot "Bulletproof" 16oz Pint Glass

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