Ron Williams knew firsthand the problem he was trying to solve when he designed the prototype for Cablz eyewear retainers. His frustration with snagging fabric straps and his experience with steel cabling for medical devices led to a moment of inspiration; a moment that turned into an ICAST award-winning apparel product. Now, Cablz is teaming up with US Patriot Tactical to offer hassle-free eyewear retainers to our customers who wear eye protection every day in the line of duty. All Cablz retainers combine a stainless-steel cable with a patented ball bearing interface to keep the cable out of the way while ensuring your glasses stay where you want them off the ground. These cables won't absorb sweat and allows for a full range of motion that won't snag on your equipment. They're an innovative, simple solution to a problem most won?t realize they have until their favorite eyewear gets scratched or cracked on the floor. Whether you're sporting, training, or fighting, Cablz is your brand to trust in eyewear protection.

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  • Cablz Adjustable 16" Eyewear Retainer

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  • Cablz Non-Adjustable 14" Eyewear Retainer

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