Cannae Pro Gear

Cannae Pro Gear’s small tactical backpacks and other tactical gear elements exemplify the kind of resilience, discretion, and utility that you need from your equipment in the field. Brains and brawn can only take you so far during an operation: to succeed, you need professional-grade gear like Cannae backpacks on your side, so that all the supplies you need are ready at hand. Cannae’s tactical backpacks, belt accessories, and other pro gear aren’t just designed with innovation and ingenuity in mind—they’re designed with you in mind. As a result, they’re sure to help meet your needs and those of your team as they arise moment by moment during your operation.

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  • Cannae Legion Concealed Carry Day Pack

  • Cannae Action Ready Holster with Hook Backing

  • Cannae Optio Concealed Carry Sling Pack

  • Cannae Urban Cohort Pack

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