Founded in 2006 by a Navy sailor, IR.Tools manufactures premium infrared identification to protect the military and law enforcement. IR.Tools infrared patches are built with a proprietary process that repels water and prevents sand and debris from destroying the patch. IR.Tools forward-facing and reversed American flag patches are made with infrared material that glows when viewed through night vision goggles, ensuring you are always visible to your teammates while on a mission.

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  • IR Tools Subdued Infrared Reversed US Flag Patch

  • IR.Tools Infrared Forward Facing IR Flag

  • IR Tools Don't Tread On Me IR Patch

  • Reverse American Flag IR Patch (Scorpion OCP)

  • IR.Tools Infrared Printed Full Color American Flag Garrison Patch

  • IR Tools Printed American Flag IR Field Patch

  • Infrared EOD Patch with Hook

  • Hybrid IR Flag Patch with Hook

  • Infrared SF Patch with Hook

  • IR.Tools Navy Jack Laser Cut NWU Type III Patch

  • IR.Tools Navy Reverse US Flag NWU Type III Patch

  • Infrared MEDIC Patch with Hook

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