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It took four years of development and a lot of sweat to introduce the No Sweat liners that protect your face and eyes from the perspiration that runs down from your hat when you?re on the job. The tactical helmet and hat liner is a universal size that sticks on the inside of any hat, cap, helmet, or lid to keep sweat from dripping into your goggles, glasses, or mask. The No Sweat liners have patented technology to reduce scent and odor. They stick on the front or back of your LID, and once they?ve served their purpose, you can easily replace them. How often you need to do it will depend on your own conditions and use. These liners are thin and soft and won?t add bulk to your gear. Not only do they keep the sweat off your brow and out of your eyes, they keep your LID cleaner and fresher for a longer time. The material of the liners is hypoallergenic and helps prevent skin irritation on your face. We?re proud to carry No Sweat liners that are 100 percent American made. The company is based in Minnesota. They have worked hard to create the products that help our military and police serve their community with safety. Trust their innovative products to keep you comfortable under the toughest conditions so that you can do your job effectively.

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