Built to protect since 1976, Pelican cases are industry standard for gun enthusiasts, emergency medical personnel, photographers, or anyone else who needs to protect sensitive or fragile equipment. With hard shell durability and amazing interior shock absorption, these made-in-the-U.S.A. cases are backed by a lifetime guarantee and designed to withstand a range of conditions without compromising your belongings. Pelicanl proceeds is donated to help veterans who have been severely wounded. Apparel collections include ?Relentlessly Patriotic?, ?Veteran Inspired?, ?First Responders? and ?Defend The 2nd? themes. Choose from shirts, tanks, hoodies, fleeces, shorts, jackets and headgear that feature bold and meaningful designs, including ?Don?t Tread on Me?, ?Nine Line?, ?Brothers in Arms?, ?American Patriot? and many more. There is no better way to show support for a cause than by literally wearing it on your sleeve. With a broad selection of sizes and styles designed for men, women and children, you can dress your entire family up in clothing and accessories that bleed American pride. Order your apparel today and show the world that you are ?Relentlessly Patriotic!?

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  • Pelican 2720 LED Headlight

  • Pelican 1920 LED Pen Pocket Flashlight

  • Pelican 2370 3 Color LED Flashlight

  • Pelican 1500 Protector Case

  • Pelican Hardback Watertight Laptop Case

  • Pelican HardBack Laptop Case Black

  • Pelican Rolling Hard Protective Case

    $310.00 - $324.95
  • Pelican Delux Laptop Case

  • Pelican 2360 LED Flashlight

  • Pelican Watertight Protective Case

  • Pelican Weapon Case/Gun Case

  • Pelican 1910B LED Generation Flashlight

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