Proper illumination can be key in many circumstances, from military applications to usage during hunting and camping excursions. In the event that hands-free operation is called for, wearable headlamps can be just the thing. These devices allow the user a clear view of their surroundings, along with the added benefits afforded by the convenient wearable design. Because these features are a must in many situations, finding a high-quality headlamp is essential to ensure peak performance no matter what. Petzl headlamps are great in this respect thanks to the many useful functions designed to offer the very best in operation. Such features include enhanced lighting technology that allows consistent brightness even when battery power is on the wane, as well as mixed beam function great for close proximity illumination. This function is particularly important for military personnel who may find themselves dealing with exceedingly tight spaces. All of the headlamps are designed from durable materials to ensure they can withstand even the harshest conditions, and beams are able to be adjusted according to your exact needs. When it comes to the very best in gear and equipment, it's important to work with a company that can anticipate the often rigorous needs of assorted military professionals. To this end, Petzl provides customers an expansive range of products aimed at keeping them safe and effective in even high-intensity situations.

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  • Petzl WILLIAM Asymmetrical Large-Capacity Carabiner

  • Petzl Sm'D Ultra-light asymmetrical carabiner

  • Petzl TACTIKKA+RGB Headlamp 350 Lumens

  • Petzl TACTIKKA+ Headlamp 350 Lumens

  • Petzl CORDEX PLUS Midweight Glove

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