In the field, none of your gear is of greater importance than that which protects you from harm. Skydex helmets deliver some of the most capable protection available, featuring superior defense against impact plus additional enhancements designed to ensure comfortable wear. Make sure you?re able to stay focused on the job and not on your equipment?suit up with the best gear for superior performance when you?re on mission. Founded in 2001, Skydex has quickly become one of the leaders not only in bodily protection, but high-tech solutions for a variety of demanding sporting and professional applications. You can find their technologies utilized in everything from speed boats to military combat vehicles, evidencing their exceptional capability in the face of extreme elements and conditions. It?s safe to say that if their products are capable of protecting large-scale vehicles, then Skydex helmets will provide more than sufficient protection for your head. With product offerings ranging from athletic and recreational to specialized military-focused equipment, Skydex stands as a truly versatile manufacturer of protective technologies. They boast ISO 9001:2008 certification and hold over 70 patents internationally with plenty more pending, so it comes as little surprise that they have also earned the distinction of one of the leading suppliers to the U.S. Armed Forces. Trust your safety to the highest-quality protective equipment?Skydex helmets are field-proven and always ready to perform.

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