Surefire products date back to 1969 when Dr. John Matthews began using lasers for industrial applications, and eventually for firearm sights. Today you can trust Surefire to light the way with their helmet lights, weapon lights, flashlights, headlamps, and more. They do a lot more than just lights, too. Pop in your surefire earplugs your hearing is protected without interfering with your ability to hear everyday sounds or conversations. No matter what you need, Surefire is there to light the way.

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  • SureFire DS00 Scout Light® WeaponLight Tail Switch

  • Surefire Sonic Defenders Ultra Ear Plugs

  • Surefire LED Helmet Mounted Light - White Red IR

  • SureFire SF123A Batteries, 2 Pack

  • Surefire Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Flanged Earplugs

  • SureFire XSC WeaponLight Micro-Compact Pistol Light for Glock 43X & 48

  • SureFire XSC WeaponLight Micro-Compact Pistol Light

  • Surefire Sonic Defenders - Earplugs Hearing Protectors

  • Surefire 6PX Pro Dual Output LED Flashlight

  • Surefire Remote Dual Switch For WeaponLights

  • Surefire G2X Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight

  • SureFire Mini Scout Light® Pro Infrared with Z68 Tailcap

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