In all walks of life, information is power. This holds especially true in tactical settings and rugged outdoor environments, when carrying capacity is limited and gear must be chosen carefully. Suunto watches are engineered to provide you with all of the crucial data that you need at a glance, from time and temperature to more advanced functions such as heart rate monitoring and GPS capability offered on full-featured models. Choose the watch that is right for you and your intended application. For outdoor athletes and recreational enthusiasts, select Suunto watches offer powerful navigation capabilities to get you home safely when you?re out in nature. Barometric capabilities can provide you with notification of changes in air pressure, which may indicate that inclement weather conditions are on the approach. Durable, robust construction elements ensure that your watch will stand up to the test for reliable performance you can count on. Whether you?re a hiker, trail runner, cyclist, or a true multi-sport athlete, Suunto watches offer an array of advanced capabilities to answer any outdoor need. With manufacturing operations and headquarters based in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto has been producing high-quality instruments for over 75 years. Suunto watches are designed to offer premium aesthetic quality, superior visibility, and functionality that will serve you well even in the toughest conditions. Available in a variety of colors, there is an option available to suit every preference.

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  • Suunto Core Standard Strap

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  • Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth Watch

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  • AMBIT3 PEAK Watch with Heart Monitor Belt

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  • X-Lander Military Strap Kit

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