Thorogood combat boots have a long military history. In 1917, the company was named as a major contractor to produce customized boots for the US Army. Today, their work boots are favorite of hard-working professionals in fields like law enforcement, military, carpentry, and linemen. Each model of boot is designed with workers in mind. For example, the Thorogood side zip boots are a great option for security professionals who may have to go through multiple security checkpoints a day. For pilots, Thorogood jump boots are designed to hold up to the demanding conditions that airborne operatives face every day. Thorogood even makes a military Oxford shoe to keep you looking sharp when you’re headed to the office or a formal ball. For outstanding quality footwear that will meet and exceed the demands of military personnel, law enforcement, trust Thorogood boots to deliver superior performance every time.

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  • Thorogood SAW Lightweight AR Boots

  • Thorogood War Fighter 8" Steel Toe Boots

  • Thorogood 8 Inch Commando Plus Boots

  • Thorogood 6 Inch Waterproof Side Zip Composite Safety Toe Boots

  • Thorogood GEN-flex2 VGS Waterproof Side Zip Trooper Boots

  • Thorogood Pormeric Hiker Cross Trainer Plus Boots

  • Thorogood Classic Leather Oxford Shoes

  • Thorogood Crosstrex Tactical Safety-Toe Oxford Shoes

  • Thorogood Poromeric Academy Oxfords Shoes

  • Thorogood 8 Inch GEN-flex2 Side Zip Jump Boots

  • Thorogood War Fighter 8 Inch Boots

  • Thorogood 6 Inch Waterproof Side Zip Boots

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