Valley Apparel

Valley Apparel LLC is the continuation of an uninterrupted manufacturing tradition of excellence started in 1959. We are a small business concern with manufacturing facilities in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. The management of the company is led by John Niethammer, who has over 50 years of government contracting and manufacturing experience. Our heritage is deeply rooted in serving the US Military. This manufacturing heritage started soon after the Korean conflict, continued on through Vietnam, and now in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Through this time, we have manufactured and delivered millions of apparel items to all branches of the Armed Forces. As more and more manufacturing is moved offshore, Valley continues to be deeply committed to ?Made in America?. We are family-owned and, as we have grown over the past 50+ years, have remained loyal to our community, customers, and employees (a trait that has become increasingly rare in society).

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  • Valley Apparel GEN III L6 Jacket

  • Valley Apparel GEN III L6 Trouser

  • Valley Apparel APECS Parka

    $299.99 - $315.00
  • Valley Apparel APECS Trousers

  • Valley Apparel Air Force APECS Trouser (ABU)

    $229.99 $199.99
  • Valley Apparel APECS Parka (ABU)

    $299.99 $259.99
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