Condor Helmet Pads II

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The hard shell of a helmet, whether tactical or ballistic, is designed to keep your head protected under some of the worst conditions. However, a helmet can do its own amount of harm to your head if no pads or inferior pads are used. Condor Helmet Pads II provide wearers sufficient support during wear and during impact. The Condor helmet pad set comes with seven pieces of high density foam for superior support. These can be placed in the following areas for the best level of safety and comfort: around the sides and back of the head for side impacts and to protect the ears, on the front for forehead cushioning and on the top for downward pressure. These helmet pads are also better molded to contour both the helmet and the wearer. The high density foam is shock absorbent, as well, making for a safer helmet and pad combination.

  • Multiple colors available
  • Adhesive backing on hook-and-loop pad patches for easy application
  • Pads molded for specific areas of the helmet

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