Corcoran Women's Original Leather 10" Jump Boots

Item# FT362



These original leather Corcoran Women's Original Leather 10" Jump Boots are approved by the military for use by parajumpers. That means they have been specially constructed to protect you during all phases of your jumps. So, whether you need a firm footing inside the aircraft or heavy-duty protection upon landing, these reinforced leather boots will do the trick.

Corcoran has engineered these tactical para boots with Goodyear welt construction, which provides reinforced stitching and superb craftsmanship. These boots also feature Garrison Army Munson Lasts for a roomier, more comfortable fit and reinforced ankle support. These two features alone will help you operate from morning to night without any uncomfortable pinching or fatigue.

Extra support and performance features also include Corcoran's special ribbed steel paratrooper shanks and extra firm, heavy-duty counters and box toes.

  • DA PAM 670-1 Compliant for US Army Wear w/ ASU
  • AFI 36-2903 Compliant for US Air Force Wear w/ Service Dress and Service Uniforms
  • Standard high rise
  • Goodyear welt construction for long-lasting durability
  • Made of high performance "spit shineable" leather
  • Engineered with Garrison Army Munson Lasts that deliver a superior fit
  • Webbed reinforcement delivers all-important ankle support
  • Steel paratrooper shank is specially ribbed for extra support
  • Super firm, heavy-duty military counters and box toes protect feet at all times
  • DRYZ moisture and odor control keeps feet dry and protected from bacteria
  • Cushioned insole absorbs shock
  • Rubber sole is reinforced and resists oil
  • Beveled heel is non-slip and oil-resistant

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