Win the Boots that Bond Wears

Save the World in Style

When the world's favorite secret agent required high-performance military boots for his latest adventure, the filmmakers turned to Danner. Although Bond wears a special-edition of the boot, the Tanicus is one of Danner's best-selling coyote military boots. We'd all love to look as slick as James in the black boots, but something tells us that falling into formation with an OCP uniform paired with black boots would end... in an interesting manner. So we've decided to give away a prize pack we're calling Agent Double-OCP. Get all the spy necessities (gloves, sunglasses, tac bag, watch, and of course... boots) in this prize pack. Combining classic Bond styling with renowned Danner tactical performance, the Tanicus is ready to save the world or explore in style.

The Mission

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

Starting October 11th we will be receiving entries for our Agent Double-OCP Prize Pack with all of the essentials needed for any quiet professional to complete their mission. We will close the entry process on October 21st at 11:59 PM eastern time. On October 22nd we will announce both our in-store (1) and online (1) winners, and contact them for receipt of their prize packs. Entrants must be a minimum age of 18 years old and must have a current address within the United States of America.

How to Enter

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

There are only two steps to the entry process, regardless if you're an in-store or online contestant: 

  1. You must sign up online to receive future emails from US Patriot (including deals, coupon codes, and product promotions). This check box can be found under your account settings in the Personal Data section. Click the box below to take you to your account profile page and verify the box is checked.
  2. Once you're registered, head over to our facebook or instagram page and like, share, & subscribe the post for the contest. PRO TIP: Using the hashtag #AgentOOCP on a like and shared post gives you an additional entry.

Winners will be selected at random. Each registered user is given one (1) entry into the giveaway, with a possible second entry considered if they like, share, and subscribe the social media post with the hashtag "#AgentOOCP". Just to be clear, there is no purchase necessary for entry into this giveaway.

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Winner Announcement

On Friday, October 22nd we will announce our Prize Pack winner on our social media channels after we've reached out to the winner individually via e-mail. The winning recipient should expect to receive shipment notification of their pack within 10-14 days time. Once you've received your Prize Pack, make sure to snap your winner selfie and tag us on social media!

The Goods

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

Everyone knows that any agent worth their salt has the tools and toys to support their mission. Agent OOCP is no different, and he's assembled a prize pack of tactical goodies that Q Branch would insist get returned in one piece. You, however, get to keep this prize pack for any mission life throws at you. A prize pack that carries a retail price of almost $500. That being said, let's take a look at the items given to Agent OOCP and, ultimately, what YOU could win!

The Boots

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

If it's trusted by 007, it has to be just right. The special edition Tanicus used in the film is built on the same platform Danner designed for military use. With a rough-out full grain leather upper renowned for its durability combined with 1000 Denier nylon for superior protection, any Double-O Agent is ready for everything an operation demands.

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

Although Bond has an understated colorway to meet MI6 standards, you know that the military has its own policies on compliance. The Coyote Tanicus from Danner has been engineered exclusively to be their lightest, theater-ready military boot. Containing an added layer of cushioning in the midsole and a dampening heel cup, this coyote combat boot is all about comfort.  The polyurethane footbed inside this boot ensures that the construction and comfort will hold up, regardless if you're hopping train cars chasing down an international villain or if you're lacing up for patrols. 

Like we said before, these are the Coyote military-compliant Tanicus boots that are made by Danner. Not the black special editions Bond wears in the film. You can actually wear these out in the field and not get hassled by your CO. The Danner Tanicus boots are both AR 670-1 & AFI 36-2903 compliant.

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The Bag

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

In virtually ever epic that James undertakes, there's the quintissential shot of him taking stock of what equipment he's got for the mission (likely in the trunk of an Aston Martin or BMW) and Agent OOCP is no different. You'll be carrying your swag in a heavy-duty bag. The ruggedly-built Mercury Tactical Giant Diffle Backpack provides ample storage space for clothing, gear, and other mission-essential items in a convertible backpack to duffel bag platform. This coyote brown tactical bag is made from abrasion and water-resistant 600D polyester canvas, and has a heavy duty zippered front pocket and sizeable main compartment. Simply put, you can trust this bag to carry everything you need with confidence. With its durability, you might even manage to return everything in one piece back to Q.

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The Glasses

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

We've all been there before: standing in front of the mirror, checking yourself out in sunglasses, and uttering those beautiful three words "Licenst to Kill". It's okay, we're not judging. Wouldn't it be great if those badass sunglasses met or exceeded High Velocity & Mass Impact standards? We thought so, too. That's why we've included the Wiley X Ovation Tactical Sunglasses. Stylish and versatile, these impact resistant sunglasses have a lightweight matte black frame with removable side sheilds for added protection. These ballistic sunglasses meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 safety standards and come with a zippered clamshell case, cleaning cloth, and leash cord with rubber grips.

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The Gloves

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

If you're going covert, you're going to need gloves. That's why we've made sure that you'll receive a pair of coyote HWI Combat Gloves. These gloves have been tailor-made for tactical operators (and international men of mystery) who need a flexible and protective glove made with state-of-the-art materials for absolute protection. In addition to being made of fire-resistant Kevlar, these gloves offer top of the line flexibility, a snug fit, and all-out protection from impact or injury.

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The Watch

Win the Boots that Bond Wears

What is the man without his watch? No, you won't get one that shoots focused lasers or a watch that can cause an entire ice castle to collapse in on itself, but what you will get is the Casio G-Shock Military Concept Digital Watch. Built with military professionals in mind, this tough digital watch combines durability with tactical utility. It's water resistant up to 200 meters, as well as shock resistant, ensuring that it holds up in tough conditions. A matte black finish creates a non-reflective profile for times when stealth is key.

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The Fine Print

The promoter of this giveaway is U.S. Patriot. Each individual is only allowed to enter the campaign once, with social opportunities for an additional (1) entry. Multiple sign ups by a single entity are not permitted. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. The approximate prize value is $493.94 USD. Contest begins on 10-11-2021 and ends on 10-21-2021 . After this date there are no further entries permitted to the competition. The promoter reserves the right to change the beginning or end date. No responsibility can be accepted for entires not received for whatever reason. U.S. Patriot is in no way affiliated with James Bond, Daniel Craig, MGM Studios, Sony Pictures, or the No Time To Die film. This is a U.S. Patriot effort with Danner Boots knowledge and an inclusion of products from HWI, Mercury Tactical, Casio, and Wiley X without their prior knowledge. Any use of official trademarks or copyrighted materials were provided by Danner Boots from their marketing efforts with the production, and are restricted to this page. There is no use of copyright materials used in any funded advertising campaigns online or in-store. For more information on these materials or Danner's involvement, please visit their page at For further questions, please consult our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Payment, Pricing & Promotions pages.