Garmont T4 Groove Tactical Boots

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The Garmont T4 Groove Tactical Boots are mid-height tactical boots for military and law enforcement personnel, built for mountain trails and everyday wear. T4 Grooves have a 1.6 mm suede leather upper and are lightweight. They feature Garmont's Anatomically Directed Design (a.d.d.) which enables your foot's natural ability to stabilize, absorb shock, and propel forward. Precision lacing follows the curve of the foot to allow the shoe to properly flex. An anatomical tongue is wider and the upper cuff is lowered on the outside to improve stability and comfort. The outsoles are Garmont's GTF which features excellent shock absorbing properties, oustanding grip with a coarse finish, and Advance Cushion Enhancer technology with a special high-density EVA insert in the heel. Your boot will fit perfectly with Garmont's Heel Lock system that holds the foot firmly to fix the heel to help you avoid blisters and general foot pain.

  • For Hikes and Technical Approach Routes
  • 1.6 mm Suede Leather Upper
  • GTF Outsole
  • ACE Technology (Advance Cushion Enhancer)
  • EVA Bi-Density Midsole
  • Precision Lacing Down to the Toe
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Asymmetrical Cuff
  • Anatomical Tongue
  • Garmont's Anatomically Directed Design (a.d.d.)
  • High-Density EVA Insert in the Heel
  • Heel Lock System

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