Tactical Lights

There is no way you can be effective at your job if you can?t see. It?s just that simple. Although they make up a relatively small part of your overall equipment list, tactical flashlights are an extremely important item on that list. From practical household matters to ensuring that you see what?s coming your way and what?s hiding around the corner, these lights can help you in a wide variety of circumstances. They can literally save your life and that of your team.

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  • Petzl TACTIKKA+RGB Headlamp 350 Lumens

  • Surefire Remote Dual Switch For WeaponLights

  • Pelican 2370 3 Color LED Flashlight

  • SureFire X300-A Ultra WeaponLight

  • Princeton Tec Byte Tactical Headlamp

  • Streamlight Night Com LED Flashlight

  • Pelican 1910B LED Generation Flashlight

  • Surefire LED Helmet Mounted Light - White Red IR

  • Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS Headlamp

  • Nightstick Mini-TAC Pen Light

  • Princeton Tec Charge Pro Tactical Helmet Light

  • Surefire M300 Mini Scout WeaponLight

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