Hoppes .30 Caliber Nylon Brush, , hi-res



Hoppes .30 Caliber Nylon Brush

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Though it is the least enjoyable part of the shooting experience, proper cleaning is a vital component in keeping your favorite firearm in top working condition. Shooting enthusiasts will appreciate the ease with which the Hoppes brand can help maintain the precision and accuracy of their rifles. The Hoppes .30 caliber nylon brush meets your needs. With consistent use, your rifle bore and muzzle are subject to the accumulation of both copper and carbon, but you don’t need to worry about this build up causing damage to your firearm. The reason for this is that the multi directional scrubbing capability of the spiral shaped bristles will easily and gently remove both copper fouling caused by ammunition and carbon fouling caused by gun powder. Additionally, the durable nylon construction means that this bore brush will not succumb to damage from ammonia based cleaners nor will the use of copper solvents cause it to degrade.

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  • Sturdy nylon bristles that hold their shape
  • Scrubbing action in multiple directions
  • Spiral shaped bristles to clean more completely
  • Measures 0.7" x 1.8" x 5"
  • Fits a .30 caliber diameter bore

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