Hoppes Cleaning Patch .270-.35 50 Pack, , hi-res



Hoppes Cleaning Patch .270-.35 50 Pack

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A Hoppes .270-.35 Cleaning Patch 50 Pack contains pre-cut and uniformly woven patches for the appropriate caliber and gauge for consistent maximum efficiency. After every use, you should clean your gun because moisture, sediments, and powders build up inside of the barrel. If you don't clean your gun often, the barrel will rust which effects the accuracy and will eventually lead the gun to malfunction- which can be dangerous depending on the severity of the rust and buildup. These cleaning patches are precut and uniformly for maximum efficiency with every use. When cleaning your gun, safety precautions should be exercised to avoid injury or inhaling toxins. It is recommended that you wear protective eye wear and gloves. It should also be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated room since the oils, sediment, and powder inside of the gun emit fumes. With Hoppes .270-.35 50 pack cleaning patches, all you have to do is stick the patch to the end of a bore cleaning rod and run it through the gun to remove sediment, then later add oil. They can be used to clean the outside of the gun as well.

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  • 50 patches per pack
  • Uniformly woven for consistent, effective performance
  • Pre-cut for .270-.35 caliber and gauge
  • Ultra-absorbent

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