Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strap Kit

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If you've switched ballistics frames recently, you may be hunting for a new compatible strap. You have found what you are looking for because the Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0 Strap Kit fits most recently manufactured M Frames 2.0 and 3.0. This black strap is adjustable via a sliding the plastic adjuster up and down the strap. Just snap the strap into place using the triangular pegs at either end. The item is made of durable nylon and is comfortable enough for all-day wear. It will keep your ballistic frames securely in place as you navigate your field mission. The strap can keep up with you and your M Frame glasses as you complete your objective with flying colors. All you have to do is snap and adjust. Based in California, Oakley develops most of its designs with direct athlete input and extensive field testing. Though the company has excelled in fashion and lifestyle gear, it is still dedicated to providing you with equipment you can rely on. For this reason, the enterprise is authorized for US Standard Issue, which means it equips law enforcement agencies and the military with high-grade eye protection.

  • Fits all Oakley M Frame 2.0
  • Standard Issue
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Adjustable
  • Black

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