Reebok Postal Approved Athletic Mid-Cut USPS Boots

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How many of us would love to work in running shoes all day long? With these Reebok Postal Approved Athletic Mid-Cut USPS Boots, now you can! Reebok is the leading manufacturer of athletic footwear in the world, so leave it to them to design a comfortable, contoured postal shoe that wears like a runner but looks like a more formal duty shoe.

Postal professionals work hard at what they do, standing on the line sort mail for hours at a time or delivering mail on foot or by vehicle. Whatever part of the US Postal Service you work for, you can bet your feet can take it with these lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking athletic shoes.

Also, you'll save money on expensive repairs or replacements as Reebok has built in the highest quality craftsmanship, stitching the uppers of this shoe together, instead of gluing them. That means shoes stay intact longer instead of falling apart.

  • Mid height
  • Sleek black leather Oxford shoes deliver sturdy, supportive performance
  • USPS postal approved
  • Uppers have been stitched, not glued, to keep boots intact longer
  • Polishable and long-lasting
  • MIL-33 liner offers extreme moisture wicking to repel perspiration away from feet allowing them to stay cool, dry and ventilated
  • Removable PI-1000 cushioned inserts eliminate shock with every step
  • Special shock-eliminating heel cushions support feet and disburse impact across a wider surface
  • Dual density polyurethane outsole is constructed from high tech, rugged plastic
  • Slip- and oil-resistant soles aid stability and help prevent injury from slips and falls
  • Abrasion- and chemical-resistant to keep shoes safe and protected
  • Non-metallic materials means passing through security zones faster
  • Made in the USA

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