Reebok Postal Certified Women's Chukka Shoes

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These Reebok Postal Certified Women's Chukka Shoes (Black) deliver the comfort and performance of a running shoe with the protection, stability and shock absorption of a duty shoe.

Everything about this shoe has been designed to support and soothe your feet while delivering maximum protection from slips and falls, hot spots and blisters caused by excess moisture build-up and plain old aches and pains. Special shock absorbing heel cushions and tough-as-nails polyurethane outsoles protect your feet in some of their most vulnerable areas. Plus their superior construction make them last longer, saving you money in unnecessary repairs or replacement.

  • USPS-certified
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Non-metallic, security-friendly materials
  • Superior craftsmanship through stitched toe
  • Black leather upper is worry-free and easy to maintain
  • Feet are protected from excess perspiration with MIL-33 moisture-wicking liners
  • Heels are protected from injury though special Shock Eliminator heel cushions while the entire foot is protected by removable PI-1000 cushion inserts
  • Outsoles are extremely durable and protective against wear and tear through their dual density, Maxim Lite polyurethane construction
  • Slip- and oil-resistant soles protect against slips and falls
  • Resistant to abrasion and chemicals

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