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Rothco 7 Ounce Canned Cooking Fuel

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Fire means light, warmth, and a full stomach. On your next camping trip, ensure that wet terrain and strong winds don’t stop you from enjoying a hot meal with Rothco’s 7 Oz Canned Cooking Fuel. With only a single match or handheld lighter, you can start a flame in nearly any situation.

Rothco Cooking Fuel uses the ever-reliable methanol gel, which burns slow and hot to provide long hours of cooking time. The 7 oz can provides approximately 2.5 hours of high-heat cooking time, allowing tasks such as boiling water or cooking a full group’s worth of meals when a campfire is unavailable or unsafe to use.

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  • Contains 7 oz of Methanol Gel, a material that burns hot and burns longer than wood or other fuel sources
  • Safety lid extinguishes flame when inverted, allowing can to be resealed and used multiple times until all fuel is used up
  • Perfect addition to stress-free camping cookouts or as an essential part of any bug-out bag in emergencies
  • WARNING: Product becomes very hot very quickly – do not handle after lighting and do not store next to open flames or in high temperatures!

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