Staedtler Non-permanent Universal Pen S 4 Pack

Item# MP326

$12.00 to $22.26


The Staedtler Non-permanent Universal Map Marker can be used to write on most surfaces, including overhead projector sheets. This water-soluable ink can be easily wiped away by simply using a damp cloth. For left handers, the ink dries fast to avoid smudges. A PP barrel and cap keep the tip of the pen covered to extend the life. The line width is roughly 0.4 mm, meaning this is a superfine pointed pen that can write in small spaces. Order this refillable universal pen today!

  • Universal pen for writing on almost all surfaces
  • Appropriate for use with overhead projectors
  • Easily wiped off by using a damp cloth
  • Water-soluble ink dissolves when wiped
  • Fast-drying for use with left-handed writers
  • PP barrel and cap extended the life of the pen
  • Airplane-safe automatic pressure equalization prevents pen leaks on an aircraft
  • Stand-up Staedtler box included with purchase
  • Bright and bold color is easily spotted
  • Line width is superfine and approximately 0.4 mm
  • Refillable design

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