US Patriot 550 Paracord Boot Laces

Item# FW1189



While on the battlefield, you need laces in your boots with you know will remain durable and tough no matter what conditions they're put through. That's why US Patriot 550 paracord laces are the perfect solution to normal laces that easily fall apart. These laces are made from material that gives them unsurpassed durability and the ability to hold up and stay tough to provide you with the long-lasting service life you are looking for.

550 Paracord laces are an excellent alternative to regular laces as they are made from 550 lb. paracord. Paracord is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable nylon material that will not rip and is tough enough to double as a rope in emergency situations. You will get the confidence of knowing that your boot laces have the strength to not only remain durable in your boots, but to also pull you out of a situation in a pinch. These laces additionally feature plastic aglets that will keep the cord fibers from unraveling to prevent fraying and to make for quick, easy and convenient boot lacing.

  • Laces are 72 inches in length
  • 2 Laces per package
  • Laces made from extremely durable and lightweight 550 lb. paracord
  • Plastic aglets to prevent fraying

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