US Patriot Tactical Military Square 5x5 Protractor, , hi-res


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US Patriot Tactical Military Square 5x5 Protractor

Item #: USP-061-198
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Whether you are in the classroom or in the field, having a well-made protractor can help you out immensely. The US Patriot Tacticalmilitary square 5x5 protractor is great for either use since the marks indicating degrees have wider spaces between them. This protractor also comes with several handy features, including a GM angle conversion, an emblazoned back azimuth and a declination update. There are also three cut-out squares with scales of 1:100,000, 1:50,000 and 1:25,000. This protractor is especially helpful to soldiers on the battlefield to navigate their position because GPS systems will not always work, especially if there is a sandstorm, forest canopies or thick clouds in the way.

When it comes to top-of-the-line military products, US Patriot Tacticalis a leader in the field. This is why they have been approved by the United States Department of Defense as a supplier of military items, including the military square 5x5 protractor. US Patriot Tacticalmakes several other high-quality products. When you see the quality of this protractor, you will see why US Patriot Tacticalis so highly regarded.

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  • Widely spaced degree scale marks
  • Imprinted back azimuth
  • Declination update
  • GM angle conversion
  • Color of text may vary

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