5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical MultiBreacher

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The 5.11 Tactical MultiBreacher is the only door crashing tool on the market that gives operators the versatility and flexibility to forcibly open outward- and inward-swinging security, fire and wooden doors.

This full-sized 32” pry bar from 5.11 Tactical has been specially designed to take down even the toughest of fortified security doors. It has been constructed from incredibly rugged 4130 tubular steel and features proprietary TractionTeeth and a claw head so you can rip, tear and claw your way to mission success every time.

Engineers thought of everything when they designed this awesome piece of kit as the tool head provides you with maximum mechanical advantage to open both outward and inward opening security doors in mere seconds. In other words, this is not your father’s crowbar. The extreme MultiBreacher also comes with an extended hand guard to give you additional leverage when battling against stronger portals.

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  • A full-sized 32” pry bar allows for just the right amount of force to take down even the strongest portals
  • Designed to defeat even the most fortified security, fire and wooden doors
  • Made of incredibly strong 4130 tubular steel with TractionTeeth and a claw head for tough-as-nails, rip-and-tear action at all times
  • Extended hand guard delivers additional leverage

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