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A good pair of work boots requires the added support of a high-quality pair of socks. When you have shoes that will last through a tour of duty, you need socks that won?t give out on you. Jefferies socks feature a moisture-wicking fabric blend to keep you dry and comfortable even when you?re on your feet for long periods of time. Engineered for the men and women who serve our country, these socks offer dependable technology to endure the toughest days in the field. Cushioning in the sole and upper give you maximum comfort while built-in arch support hugs the lines of your foot to reduce pain during long hours of hard work. When you invest in the best quality boots, you need superior socks to get the most out of your shoes. With sizes available for both men and women, Jefferies socks come in various colors. Perfect for blending in with a variety of operational dress gear, you don?t need to worry about clashing hues. Their lightweight comfort comes from a blend of ultra-spun polyester, nylon and spandex to deliver a product that follows your swift movements, providing moisture control each step of the way. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces can wear these socks knowing that they won?t give out before the job is done. Comfortable and durable, these socks will continue to work for you long after the day is over.

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  • Jefferies Top Flite Sport Crew 6 Pack Socks

  • Jefferies Combat Socks 2 Pack

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