Ridge Outdoors Footwear

Ridge Outdoors has been manufacturing footwear designed for public safety personnel since 1996. These tactical boots are designed specifically for law enforcement, EMS, and firefighters. Today, some popular products include coyote boots, DuraMax 8, and the Ridge Ghost Zipper Tactical Boots. The company uses years of customer feedback data to make sure that they have a boot that will be the right fit for you.

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  • Ridge Tactical Comfort Dry Socks

  • Ridge Tactical Desert Storm Zipper 7 Inch Quarter Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Ghost Zipper Steel Toe 8 Inch Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Pro-Calf Socks

  • Ridge Tactical Ghost Zipper 8 Inch Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Mid Side Zipper Steel Toe Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Ultimate 8 Inch Waterproof Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Mid Side Zipper Boots

  • Ridge Tactical Oxford Lite High-Gloss Shoes

  • Ridge Tactical Men's Ankle Socks

  • Ridge Tactical Nighthawk Mid Boot

  • Ridge Tactical Dura-Max 8 Inch Boots

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