Spec Ops

With 15 years in the industry, the Spec Ops Brand has quickly risen to prominence as a premier manufacturer of military and tactical gear. The company has developed many diverse product lines, offering everything from high-quality duty uniform belts to gear packs and weapon slings. Spec Opsd forces, we are committed to giving you the tactical gear options that you need to get the job done. Shellback Tactical vests meet your expectations and have been tested in the line of duty so you know that you have the backup you need at a moment's notice. Manufactured with heavy-duty materials that are meant to last, our Shellback Tactical products are tough enough for constant use. While they are certainly durable, they are also flexible and lightweight, so you can move and feel comfortable, even after hours on the job. The proper protective gear can mean the difference between coming home at night and ending up in a predicament, so you understand that choosing the right body armor is essential. You wouldn't trust your life to just anyone, so make sure that you purchase from a brand that has proven itself to be an effective option. With the rise of active shooter situations, you want to feel secure while on duty. The Shellback Tactical vests are the top choice of many agencies nationwide.

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  • Spec-Ops Recon Wrap Multi-Season

  • Spec Ops Brand Combat Suspenders

    $46.00 - $59.99
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