Galls G-Shield Filters Case (10 Packs)

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The Galls G-Shield Filters are replacements for the Galls G-Shield Neck Gaiter and Galls G-Shield Face Covering. These face mask filters are designed with three layers of protection and comes as ten 10 packs (100 filters).

The outermost layer is a spunbonded, non-woven fabric that provides breathability and is impermeable to moisture, water repellent, splash proof and effective for preventing aerosol penetration. The middle layer uses a nanofilm non-woven cloth to filter out dust particles and bacteria in the air. The innermost layer is also a non-woven fabric that contains seaweed and corn fibers for effective moisture absorption, sweat releasing and deodorization.

  • Removable filter
  • Provides three layers of protection for up to 96 hours of wear (twelve 8-hour days)
  • Bacterial filtration, Particulate filtration and breathability

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