Hoppes .243 .25 Caliber Rifle Phosphor Bronze Brush, , hi-res



Hoppes .243 .25 Caliber Rifle Phosphor Bronze Brush

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The Hoppes brand is known for providing quality products, and the Hoppes .243 .25 caliber rifle phosphor bronze brush does not disappoint. This rifle cleaning brush is an excellent option for cleaning either a .243 or .25 caliber rifle. Its specific characteristics make it well suited for the job and provide an excellent cleaning experience that you will appreciate. The brush is constructed of bristles that are connected to a rod. Though a very simple tool, this brush has traits that make it quite effective at its task. The rod is made of a durable material as to keep the brush intact and ensure that it will last for a long time. The bristles are soft yet strong, and are strategically placed around the rod to provide multi-directional cleaning. This not only helps to speed up the process, but also with the multiple rows of bristles it ensures a thorough cleaning. The bristles are gentle as not to scratch or damage the rifling. These characteristics work together to make this brush a great cleaning option.

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  • Rifle cleaning brush
  • Specifically designed to clean .243 and .25 caliber weapons
  • Durable yet gentle bristles
  • Performs multi-directional cleaning
  • Great for removing lead

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