Ironclad Stealth Impact Glove

Item# GL1490


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Different gloves are preferable for different situations. Tactical officers are going to require certain features to come in their gloves than people who work on a farm, so any tactical agent can benefit from getting the Ironclad Stealth Impact Black Glove. These durable, reliable gloves are specifically designed to remain functional in the toughest tactical climates, so if you have an operation coming up in the near future, these gloves should definitely be within your gear.

The palms in these gloves are highly reinforced in order to reduce the impact of vibrations. The back of the hand also comes with TPR protection. You should have gloves that give you peace of mind and will not have you worrying about whether they will fall apart once you are out in the field. The tactical impact gloves do precisely that.

  • Cuff puller
  • Sweat wipe
  • Hook and loop closure

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