Team Wendy CAM FIT Retention System

Item# TP755



Often the worst part about a helmet is the harness; pressure points, obnoxious flapping straps, and difficult adjustment leading to poor fit are common. But not with the Team Wendy CAM FIT Retention System! The Boa Closure System allows stable, even pressure around the head with a simple turn of the dial while locking cam buckles make one-handed, secure adjustment a breeze. Designed to fit closely without any raised bumps or seams that might rub or chafe; the straps and chin cup maintain a close, comfortable fit. The construction of the harness also eliminates loose ends and elastic straps, so there's nothing to flap or lose.

  • Boa Closure System distributes pressure around the head to stabilize helmet
  • Adjustment dial is integrated into a soft Zorbium foam X-style nap pad
  • Locking cam buckles provide one-handed, secure adjustment and fit
  • No loose ends or elastic straps to break and disappear
  • No raised bumps or seams to rub or chafe
  • Asymmetric design puts buckle at jaw line and maintains snug, even feel around chin cup
  • Chin cup lining offers maximum comfort and chafe-free wear at any temperature
  • Compliant with ACH and ECH Static Pull Strength requirements
  • Compatible ACH, MICH, FAST, Airframe, LWH, PASGT, and other ballistic helmets with 4-point retention mounting holes

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