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Tru-Spec TRU Xtreme Uniform Elbow Pad 5943

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Tru Spec, the leader in tactical gear, makes some of the most efficient and durable gear that specializes in comfort and performance. The Tru Spec TRU Xtreme Uniform Elbow Pad is one of the best elbow pads on the market. It is made to be used with the Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) or the TRU Xtreme Uniform, but it is also compatible with most standard pad insert designed uniforms.

The package includes two pads, one for each elbow, packed individually. It also includes the header card. They are constructed from 100% Neoprene foam, so you can be rely on it to keep you safe and comfortable, without worrying about tearing. They are strong and durable enough to stand up to whatever task you throw their way. Despite their resilience, the elbow pads are lightweight and mobile, weighing in at a slim 0.75 pounds, so they will not slow you down during active duty. Tru Spec really does have every aspect covered

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  • Neoprene;foam construction
  • TRU;Xtreme;Uniform compatible
  • Can also be used with standard pad insert uniforms
  • Individually packaged
  • Header card included
  • Weighs 0.75 pounds

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