Deployment & Duffle Bags

Deployment bags are the perfect combination between the reinforced portability of a backpack and the convenience of a grab-and-go hand-carried bag. These bags can range from more minimalist deployment bags to more expansive duffle bags of a gigantic size and with a variety of accessories. For the on-the-go soldier or officer, a deployment bag is a must for his or her traveling toolkit. Many deployment bags include versatile equipment like mesh toiletry bags, internal web platforms, and compression straps. Most bags include outer material that is both water-resistant and rip-resistant, making them ideal companions for outdoor adventures or more dangerous missions and events. Deployment bags and duffle bags come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is certain to be a specific model that suits all of your particular needs. Carry your items and keep them well-sorted and organized with a military-grade deployment bag. You won't regret the convenience that such a bag provides in traveling with your various personal effects and the versatile nature of many of the models.

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  • Sandpiper of California Rolling Load Out XL Deployment Bag

  • Rothco GI Type Enhanced Duffle Bag

  • Mercury Tactical Deployment Bag with Wheels

    $149.95 - $175.95
  • Condor Colossus Duffle Bag

  • Propper Bail Out Bag

  • 5ive Star Gear GI Spec Duffle Bag

  • Mercury Tactical Code Alpha Military Wheeled Deployment Bag

    $139.99 - $159.95
  • Condor Centurion Duffel Bag

  • Condor Deployment Bag

    $21.95 - $39.95
  • Sandpiper of California Rolling Load Out Deployment Bag

  • Blackhawk Strike Utility Pouch FOR Nalgene Bottle -MOLLE

  • Rothco G.I. Style Canvas Double Strap Duffle Bag

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