5ive Star Gear Boots Lace Handcuff Key

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If you find yourself in a bind, be prepared with the 5ive Star Gear Boot Lace Handcuff Key. This device is cleverly disguised as a plastic shoelace tip, but it is actually a small key-shaped aglet that can be hidden beneath a rubber casing. The metal key comes with the rubber cover, allowing you to conceal it from plain view.

The Boot Lace Handcuff Key installs easily in a matter of seconds. Just shorten the existing lace tip to three-eighths" and insert it into the key tube. Using a pair of pliers, press the end of the lace tip firmly to secure the key in place. That's it! The 5ive Star Gear Boot Lace Handcuff Key is like extra insurance for undercover agents and operatives in the line of duty. You know with 5ive Star Gear, you are getting quality products designed especially for your line of work.

  • Covers standard boot lace aglets
  • Key made from strong metal
  • Rubber sheath included
  • Designed for repeated use
  • Easy installation
  • Fits most standard handcuffs

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