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The woobie is an all-weather poncho-liner/blanket that consists of two layers of sturdy nylon wrapped around a polyester filling and then quilted. They are designed to trap heat and keep the wet and cold out but are light enough to pack anywhere and use on warmer nights. Introduced to the army in the 1960s during the Vietnam War when troops needed something to keep them dry and warm in the wet jungles and during cool nights, these tie-in poncho liners became a huge hit... and not just for lining ponchos. The popular cover gained its nickname ‘woobie’ around the 1990s, and it stuck. It wasn’t just the soldiers who loved their blankets, spouses, girlfriends, and kids back home who fell in love too. The woobie is lightweight, remarkably resistant to both heat and cold, and dries quickly when wet. It can easily be folded and stashed in a bag or pack. It’s universally loved by just about everyone who comes in contact with one.

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