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Oakley SI has designed products for world-class athletes for many years, and now they're offering military and tactical equipment. Known for their premium eyewear, Oakley offers glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles, lenses, face masks, and APEL eyewear that stands up to the demands of your job. And Oakley also offers a range of other tactical apparel and bags, like light assault boots, military boots, hats, gloves, and clothing that has been designed to meet rigorous standards for performance. Trust Oakley SI eyewear, boots, and apparel to meet your needs under extreme conditions.

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  • Oakley SI Light Assault Boots 2

  • Oakley SI Face Mask

  • Oakley Elite Assault Boot Coyote

  • Oakley SI Light Patrol Boots

  • Oakley Tactical Boot Socks

  • Oakley SI Neck Gaiter

  • Oakley Tactical Beanie Hat

  • Oakley™ 5 Pack No-Show Socks

  • Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Glove

  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® Alpha Sunglasses

  • Oakley SI M Frame 2.0 Nosepiece Earsocks Accessory Kit

  • Oakley Women's Unstoppable Sunglasses

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