When you?re on the job, you want high class clothing that provides freedom of movement and safety so that you can perform at the high levels. Oakley has designed products for world-class athletes for many years, and now they?re offering military and tactical equipment so that you can go beyond your limits and do what you thought was impossible. Oakley is known for their premium eyewear, but that isn?t limited to sunglasses. You can also find goggles and prescription eyewear that stands up to the demands of your job. Oakley eyewear has been designed and engineered in the United States since 1975. The eyewear comes with interchangeable lenses so that you can adapt to different surroundings. All of the Oakley equipment has been designed to meet rigorous standards for performance. They offer a full line of ballistic eyewear and apparel, as well as tactical and assault boots and other apparel that conform to the standards of your job. Trust your equipment needs to a company that has over 600 patents in design and development of the gear you need to stay safe in any condition. Lightweight boots and gloves have been designed to keep you dry and warm, while letting you effectively perform your duties. You can?t go wrong when you have high quality tools that meet your needs under extreme conditions. We?re proud to carry this line of equipment for you.

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  • Oakley SI Light Assault Boots 2

    $89.99 - $150.00
  • Oakley Tactical Boot Socks

  • Oakley Elite Assault Boot Coyote

  • Oakley M Frame Accessory Kit

  • Oakley Si Helo - Alpha Gasket

  • Oakley SI Lightweight Gloves

  • Oakley Operative Sandal 2.0

  • Oakley Tactical Beanie Hat

  • Oakley Si Gascan Daniel Defense Cerakote Tornado Collection Sunglasses With Black Iridium Lens

  • Oakley Si Gascan Thin Red Line Matte Black Frame Sunglasses With Black Iridium Lenses

  • OAKLEY SI M Frame 3.0 Replacement Lens

    $40.00 - $190.00
  • Oakley USA Flag Ellipse T-Shirt

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