5.11 Tactical UTILI-T Crew 3 Pack T-shirts

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Individuals who work in the military, law enforcement or as fire professionals need excellent t shirts to wear under their uniforms. These t shirts need to be long, durable, and comfortable. For these reasons many people in these types of professions choose to purchase a 5.11 Utili-T Shirts 3 pack. These incredible t shirts are made up of material that is 100% cotton. The collar is one-inch thick, it does not have a roll, and it is highly dense. The tailoring is done with a double needle at the shoulder, and it is made from technology that will provide moisture wicking. These t shirts are extra-long so they can easily be tucked into a uniform, and the material is light enough that it can be worn under a bullet proof vest. Individuals who purchase 5.11 Utili-T Shirts 3 Pack will have high-quality shirts that can be worn both on and off duty. These shirts will feel great against the skin, and they will last for many years to come.

  • Excellent Length
  • High density collar without a roll
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Easily worn under uniform
  • Easily worn under bullet proof vest

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