5ive Star Gear GI Cat Eye Helmet Band

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Introducing our Mil-Spec 5ive Star Gear GI Cat Eye Helmet Band, crafted to meet the rigorous standards of MIL-B-1851F using robust elastic spun webbing. These bands are designed specifically for military members, offering versatile functionality in the field. The camo band ensures secure attachment of branches and foliage for effective camouflage, while also providing a reliable way to keep your ACH/MICH helmet cover in place on Advanced and PASGT Combat Helmets. Featuring twin glo-vinyl luminous strips (cat eyes), these bands offer nighttime visibility for friendly identification and safer patrols without relying on night vision equipment. When not in use, simply reverse the elastic band for convenience. Personalize your band with custom embroidery options such as your name, blood type, roster number, or other critical information, enhancing your operational readiness and safety on the battlefield.

  • Constructed to military specs in elastic spun nylon
  • Luminous tabs for IFF identification
  • Fits all current issue helmets
  • Great for holding branches/foliage for camouflage
  • Made in USA

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