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Born out of the wild Canadian backcountry, Arc’teryx tactical gear is designed to inspire adventure. Skillfully crafted from superior quality materials, Arc’teryx consistently exceeds industry standards for quality and safety. Every piece of Arc’teryx tactical clothing or gear undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a high level of performance trusted by military servicemembers and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

With a wide selection of tactical apparel, such as the best-selling Arc’teryx LEAF pants and Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha Jacket, USP has everything you need to get the job done.

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  • Arc'teryx Assault Balaclava FR Gen 2

  • Arc'teryx Combat Knee Cap

  • Arc'teryx BAC Cap Gen 2

  • Arc'teryx BAC Cap Gen 2

  • Arc'teryx LEAF Cold WX Zip Neck AR Wool Shirt

  • Arc'teryx Rho LTW Beanie

  • Arc'teryx LEAF Assault Pack 30

  • Arc'teryx LEAF Rope Gloves

  • Arc'teryx Blade 6 Backpack

  • Arc'teryx LEAF Assault Pants AR Gen 2

    $252.00 - $359.10
  • Arc'teryx Atom Jacket LT Gen 2

  • Arc'teryx Cold WX Hoody LT Gen 2

    $422.00 - $604.00
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