ITW weapon accessories come in a variety of styles and colors, all with the goal of reducing your reloading time while keeping your ammunition secure. Innovative tactical accessories like ITW’s fastmag magazine-retention system eliminate the need for alternate closures that can slow you down when seconds count. You can choose styles with or without tabs, allowing you to double-stack magazines or attach accessory pouches in order to build your optimal kit. In addition to pistol belts and other quick-access magazine storage, our selection of ITW weapon accessories includes high-strength polymer attachment devices like locking D-rings and carabiners. Soldiers can use our Grimloc carabiner without fear of creating additional noise and attention since non-metal, molded polymer eliminates distracting metallic sounds. And compared to metal attachment clips, these accessories are lighter and more cost effective without compromising strength or durability.

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  • ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag Without Tabs

  • ITW GrimLoc Portable Locking D-Ring

  • ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag with Tabs

  • ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System

  • ITW Tac Link Carabiners

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