ITW weapon accessories come in a variety of styles and colors, all with the goal of reducing your reloading time while keeping your ammunition secure. Innovative tactical accessories like ITWags can range from being a specific kit bag for medical supplies to larger, more multi-purpose bags that suit a variety of needs. You don't need to be a medical officer to make use of a first aid bag, which usually provides room for the basics of first aid rather than more complicated medical tools. All first aid bags should have a plethora of pockets and dividers for keeping medical equipment sorted, separated, and secure. Having easy access to medical supplies in a hurry is important when in dangerous situations, such as being on the frontline of a battlefield or while responding to an emergency call. Keep your first aid supplies and more stored and secured in first aid bags made to be durable and long-lasting. Your health is one of the most important things to protect while you are in the field, whether that's on raging seas, in dark alleyways, or in arid deserts. Make sure you have the first aid bag you need with you to carry the medical tools you require.

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  • ITW Web Dominator Excess Webbing Management System

  • ITW GrimLoc Portable Locking D-Ring

  • ITW Tac Link Carabiners

  • ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag with Tabs

  • ITW Gen IV 5.56mm .223 FastMag Without Tabs

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