Corcoran 10" Leather Jump Boots

Item# FW1096



The Corcoran 10 inch Leather Jump Boots 975 (Black) is tailor made for eagle-eyed paratroopers who only want the best in kick-butt gear. From the moment you pull on these steel shank jump boots, your toes, feet, ankles and lower legs will feel surrounded in comfort, support and stability.

Corcoran has been in the high-performance boot business long enough to know what professional jumpers need from their protective footwear. Because of this, the company has engineered outstanding heel protection, reinforced ankle support and shock absorption into every pair of these black leather jump boots.

You will also find the Goodyear welt construction and Garrison Army Munson Lasts support and comfort your feet during even the most challenging of descents.

  • All over comfort, support and performance in the aircraft, on descent and on landing
  • Spit and polish leather will keep the Chief or Sergeant Major off your back
  • Goodyear welt construction is a sign of high-quality craftsmanship that is built to last
  • Garrison Army Munson Last offer a superb, comfortable, roomy fit without sacrificing grip
  • Webbed reinforcement delivers extreme ankle support for stability inside the aircraft and on the ground
  • Heavy-duty storm welt for extra protection
  • Steel paratrooper shank helps absorb shock on impact
  • PORON shock-absorbing insole delivers extra support and protection
  • Stitched tap sole for long-lasting durability
  • Non-trip beveled heel helps you stay steady on uneven aircraft floors or rough, unpredictable terrain

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