Corcoran Black Field Boots 10 Leather Side Zipper 985

Item# FT1906



These Corcoran Field Boots - 10 inch Leather Side Zipper are made for the toughest operational environments on earth. They will protect your feet against impact and injury and keep you coming back for more. They are also military approved. You know they are up to the task, whether you are operating in garrison or a deployed theater of operations.

Some of the comfort and protection features of these Corcoran field boots include a long-lasting sole, spit and polish black leather and Garrison Army Munson Lasts for comfort. They also have a steel paratrooper shank to protect your feet no matter what the impact.

Because you spend so much time wearing boots, you will appreciate the moisture-wicking, anti-odor properties of the shock-absorbing insoles. They will keep your feet cool, dry and protected at all times. Plus, for ruck marches or traversing over long distances with uneven terrain, Corcoran has injected its exclusive, high abrasion lug outsoles.

  • AFI 36-2903 Compliant for US Air Force Wear w/ Service Dress and Service Uniforms
  • Easy on and off for quick deployment
  • Mirror-like finish from spit and shine leather uppers to keep the Chief off your back
  • Garrison Army Munson Last for a comfortable, superior fit
  • Webbed reinforcement for strategic ankle support
  • Heavy duty storm welt for extra protection and coverage
  • Heavy duty steel paratrooper shank for protection upon impact
  • DRYZ moisture wicking and odor control for protection against bacteria
  • Shock-absorbing, cushioned insole for longer-lasting comfort
  • Exclusive, high abrasion lug outsole for superb grip and awesome traction in the toughest of terrain
  • Zipper and zipper flap helps boots stay done up for hassle-free, worry-free performance

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